Standard Deviation


Answer the following questions based on the lessons on data and the instructions provided in the Excel worksheet. Use proper complete sentences for your responses.

Q# Review Question Your Answer
Q1 Suppose one set of data has a larger standard deviation than another set of data. What does that mean about the different sets of data? Your answer for Q1 here.
Q2 In your own words, what is the coefficient of restitution? Your answer for Q2 here.


Figure 1: Apparatus Selfie Photo Figure 2: Apparatus in Action Photo

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Standard Deviation
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Caption: Caption for apparatus picture Caption: Caption for action photo


Coefficient of Restitution Pg. 3


Coefficient of Restitution

© 2015 Sean M. Cordry and Walters State Community College



© 2015 Sean M. Cordry and Walters State Community College



Insert a picture of your histogram below as a Graph of Results. (Use the “Snipping Tool.”) Specify the value of your ball’s coefficient of restitution, including the standard error amount.

Figure 3: Graph of Results


Caption: Explain your graph ε = your mean +/- standard error


Analysis and Implications

Answer the following questions based on your experience.

Q# Analysis Question Your Answer
Q3 What are some factors that contributed to your standard deviation? (In other words, source of error.) Your answer for Q3 here
Q4 What could you have done in order to reduce the spread in your data? (In other words, have had a smaller standard deviation.) Your answer for Q4 here
Q5 The value of the coefficient of restitution depends on the properties of both objects involved in the collision. How could you have produced a collision that gives a lower coefficient of restitution? Your answer for Q5 here
Q6 Provide a real-life example of where you can see different coefficients of restitution at work. Your answer for Q6 here
Q7 What is something that you gained (knowledge, experience, awareness, etc.) that you did not have prior to completing the experiment? Your answer for Q7 here


Additional Instructions

· Convert this document to PDF format and then upload it to the appropriate dropbox.

· If you experience technical issues importing your images or graphics, or if you have trouble converting the document to PDF format, you will need to get guidance from someone at your home institution. Partial or fragmented documentation and images will not be accepted.


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