Staff Efficiency


Continuing the scenario from Module 1, you have decided to implement an electronic medical record system to help improve staff efficiency. This is one example of creating a culture of innovation to improve the quality of patient care.

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Staff Efficiency
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Module 1 Scenario

Put yourself in the role of an advanced practice nurse leader working at a community health clinic in a rural setting. Two of the nurses assigned to home health visits have recently left the practice, resulting in an understaffed clinic office. As the advanced practice nurse leader in this office, it is your responsibility to ensure that patient care is not compromised during this staff shortage. As you answer the discussion questions for this week, select a rural setting in your state. Answer the questions as though you are working at the location you identify.


Discussion Questions

  1. Compare and contrast the role of a leader, manager, boss, and follower. Include at least 3 attributes of each role.
  2. Apply the concepts of motivation, alignment, and value as they relate to the innovation in this scenario. How are these concepts being demonstrated?
  3. What steps can you follow to promote a sustainable culture of innovation? Be specific and use scholarly resources to support your answer.



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