Staff Development

A group of frustrated trainers have had it. They are tired of criticism from administration. They are irate because those same officials have for years provided them with in-service activities that are useless or superficial. Consequently, they have decided to generate their own ideas about the kind of staff development that is needed at all levels of experience and expertise to help them train more effectively.

Assume that you are the leader of that group. You have the responsibility of writing the final version of this statement on essential staff development that the group will hand to the CEO.  Make sure to include an introduction that clearly indicates that you are writing to a Superintendent (e.g., Dear XYZ), and that you provide the appropriate background context so the reader can make sense of the responses to the following core questions. You must find answers to the following core questions:      How can caring be incorporated effectively into the curriculum?      How is teaching a science? An art?Both of these at the same time?      What is the proper role of psychology in selecting instructional practices?      What kinds of knowledge does the effective teacher possess?

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Staff Development
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Each heading should be centered and boldface. Your paper should exhibit content also from: 1. the reading in the text (emphasizing but not limited to Part Two) and 2. At least two sources from Nova’s electronic databases, but you should cite all claims and statements that require support.


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