SQL databases are primarily called as Relational Databases (RDBMS). SQL is equally effective at running blazingly fast

ACID transactions. The abstraction that SQL provides from the storage and indexing of data allows uniform use across

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problems and data set sizes, allowing SQL to run efficiently across clustered replicated data stores. Structured Query

Language (SQL) is a proven winner that has dominated for several decades and is currently being aggressively invested in

by big data companies and organizations such as Google, Facebook, Cloudera and Apache.

Relational databases having the variety of limitations due to constant growth of stored and analysed data, e.g. the

restrictions on scalability and storage, and efficiently losing of query as the volume of data is very large, and the storing

and managing of larger databases become challenging.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn are among the first companies to discover the serious limitations of SQL

database technology for supporting big data and big user‟s requirements.


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