Sports Management Writing

Step 1- Create a topic (FYI… topic needs to be something like playing sports while young, does it play a role in character formation) -Please submit a good topic first before starting the LR so I can approve it.

Step 2- Follow the procedure to writing the LR

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Sports Management Writing
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Procedural Guidelines for Selecting a Topic: From your discipline (either recreation, physical education, or sport management), select either an issue, a problem, a challenge, or a concern that can be used as a topic for your independent study. Your topic should arouse your studious and personal curiosity and motivation to seek and to ascertain through the research process possible insight on addressing or finding the causes, solutions, methods, and/or answers for your problematically disciplinary topic.

The Procedural Guidelines for WritProcedural Guidelines for Writing the Review of Literature:

The Review of Literature is a compilation of relevant information from various individuals who have provided evidence resulting from their individual research on your topic.

The introductory paragraph of the Review of Literature must reveal the topics that will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs of the literature review. Before the discussion of a topic, the name of the topic (in heading form) must be typed above the beginning of the paragraph.

When writing statements from other sources in the text of the Literature Review, they must be HYPERLINKED in the text at the end of the sentence and must be written in APA style in the reference section of the review. There must be at least thirty (30) HYPERLINKS in the text of the review and thirty (30) correlated references in the reference or bibliography section at the end of the review.


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