Paper is double- spaced using Times New Roman font, size 12; all margins are set at one inch; and the paper is a full three pages in length.
1. Explain the difference between an active sport tourism, event sport tourism, and nostalgic sport tourism destination.
2. Briefly describe your active sport tourism operation. Demonstrate how geographic location, climate, size, transportation, and accommodations are important for the success of this active sport destination.
3. Provide an analysis of the population(s) that will be your target market. Create a spreadsheet that classifies and categorizes possible demographic profiles of your target market. Also include spreadsheet information regarding the type of participant(s) to which the active sport tourism destination will likely cater – that is, reporting the percentages that your statistics show to be hard core; recreational or intermediate (i.e., no so committed to the activity); or beginners.
4. Present and evaluate the possibilities of potential barriers for tourists that might consider visiting your proposed active sports tourism destination. Critique measures that could be implemented to reduce these potential barriers.
5. Illustrate how marketing strategies of the active sports tourism destination will encourage a wider participant base for the sport tourism destination than the profile identified in question 3 (e.g., more diverse in race, age, gender, etc.) Formulate programming ideas that will positively address this issue.
6. In regard to sustainability and economic growth, identify and explain sustainability methods that could be implemented by the proposed active sport tourism destination might give back to the host community.

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