Sport physiology, personal coach-training a client to lose weight and reducing body fat

For Assignment 3 you must provide the following information from your work experience (for information in work experience please check the edlinked section titled “work experience”):


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Sport physiology, personal coach-training a client to lose weight and reducing body fat
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  • The training program and a detailed explanation of why you chose to develop the program in this manner.  Specifically you need to detail how you integrated the clients needs analysis, risk stratification, monitoring information, FITT principles and progression guidelines to develop their program and changes to that program (10 marks).
  • Include details of the strategies you utilised to monitor the clients progress  (fitness tests, monitoring and other sources of information) and how you used this information to modify the program or to increase the clients adherence etc.  This monitoring system should include the goals for each session, whether these goals were achieved and how you (or your client) determined whether the goals were achieved (4 marks).
  • Describe the non-activity/exercise strategies you used to help your client achieve their goals.  This should include strategies to improve adherence, nutrition, lifestyle, stress management etc. (2 marks)
  • The program must be safe – discuss how you ensured your clients safety.  Marks will be reduced for dangerous programming practices (-2, 1 mark).
  • Were the overall clients aim/s of this work experience module achieved or not – provide reasons why the aims were or were not achieved and describe what changes you might have made to with respect to your work with your client and why (2 marks).
  • Formatting, marks will be provided for correct formatting and referencing and reduced for poor formatting and referencing (-2 1 mark).

Please remember for the work experience component of this assignment:

A written record of EVERYTHING (introductory letters, appointment letters, pre screening, any comments you make, programs, reason for changes, evaluations etc) must be kept by you and HANDED IN AS PART OF YOUR FOLDER FOR EVALUATION.

  • The folder you hand in for assessment will not be returned. All personal client information will be destroyed at a particular time after grading.  You must not retain any personal client information gathered during this assignment without the written approval of the client.  This is done to satisfy the client’s privacy and confidentiality.



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