Spear Phishing

Learning Goal:¬†I’m working on a cyber security report and need support to help me learn.

Hello I need assistance with an assignment. I have to write a paper that’s 1.5 pages long single spaced on “spear phishing” I’m writing on how to gain access. If some one could assist me I would greatly appreciate it.

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Spear Phishing
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here is also a few other things that may be helpful:

  1. Your references should be published in 2012 or later. At least four of your references should be from the following sources:
    1. IEEE Computer Society Digital Library http://www.computer.org/publications/dlib/
    2. ACM Digital Library http://www.acm.org/dl
    3. www.networkworld.com
  1. Note on Using Wikipedia: Do not include Wikipedia as a reference. Wikipedia and other online resources may be good places to start collecting information, but do NOT include Wikipedia as your reference. Find original sources of information and site them.


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