Sources of Law in the United States

1. Identify and explain the four sources of law in the United States and give an example of each.

2. What is the citation for the Simkins case? Label each part of the citation.

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Sources of Law in the United States
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3. Define what majority and dissenting opinions are. Identify who drafted each for this case.

4. At what level of the judiciary was this case decided?

5. Identify and explain the legal statute that was examined in this case and its relevance.

6. Constitutional law was also a factor in the decision. Identify and discuss the amendments that were addressed and their importance to this case.

7. The reach of this case was limited. Why is that?

8. Explain the relationship of ethics to this decision. Be sure to identify relevant ethical principles.

9. What is the relevance for health administrators in studying a case such as Simkins? There is no one answer for this, but be sure to provide your critical analysis and support it with reliable sources.


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