Current medical concerns: None. Available records indicated Dewayne has a history of eczema, dry skin and increased blood lead level. Dewayne was circumcised at age four. History of traumatic brain injury: Dewayne does not have a history of traumatic brain injury according to his legal guardian, Ms. Moore.

History of seizure: none.

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Medication allergies: none.

Other allergies: none.

Medication or food intolerances: none.

Medications at the time of admission: none.


Birth and early development: Certificate of live birth indicated Dewayne was born with the full name, Dewayne Allen Lowe Jr., on June 8, 2010 at 11:30pm from Jessica Olivia Rand (mother) and Dewayne Allen Lowe (father). Mother’s age was 13 and father’s age was 19 when they gave birth to Dewayne.

Family dynamics: Dewayne was born and raised in Baltimore City. His aunt, Dianna Moore, voiced concern that there is community violence and Dewayne is a follower and he is easily influenced by others. Ms. Moore works as a manager at McDonald’s and she is looking into transferring her job to North Carolina as this would be a better environment to raise


Education: Dewayne was attending Commodore John Rodgers as a sixth grader. He has 504 for “behavior” issues but no individualized education program (IEP). He has been having more days missing school than attending recently as he has been frequently running away from home. When he was attending school consistently, he was getting average grades (Bs and Cs). Records indicated he was suspended “’a lot’ for fighting peers, accidentally hit a teacher once.” He also was suspended for threatening school staff and telling administrator he wished he were dead. Dewayne reported he threw a boot at a school staff member’s head and was suspended.

Social: Dewayne was living with his maternal aunt (mother’s maternal half-sister) in the community. Dewayne stated he can obtain firearms in the community. Dewayne has two younger siblings.


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