SODs Budget

Setting up a budget to meet the needs of SODs in terms of facilities and resources.

For example, SE.A. suggested that principals be aware of the resources needed for their SODs. “Principals need to know the required resources for those pupils and who should be in the resource room,” she asserted. SE.H. also said that after preparing the staff, giving resources in inclusive schools might be considered a second reform.

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SODs Budget
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Financial support should be considered a basis for constructing and implementing innovative school systems and services. One of the suggested reforms that school administrators should implement to ensure that the school facility is adequately prepared with all the criteria for this program is allocating a budget to satisfy the SODs’ demands for facilities and resources. According to Anati, many private schools in the UAE do not have the financial resources to hire additional workers or provide additional support facilities and services. She backed up her assertion by claiming that private schools, where her participants worked, recruited few special education teachers.


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