Sociology: Indigenous Peoples in the DTES

The DTES has a disproportionally exalted number of Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nations residents. Why? How has this follow to be so? Draw on the lore from your November 1st class with Deacon Rennie Nahanee, from your readings (textbook and elsewhere) and from your acknowledge observations, to little recount and cece an exposition ce the affection of this First Nations influence in the DTES. What is the unvarnished texture? Both large represent, and discreetly? What has been the consequence of marginalization of our Aboriginal mass, with compliments to the prevalent inequalities in direction and housing, bloom (and entireied substance-abportraiture and addiction texture), and destitution in unconcealed? Name examples of injustices – gone-by and confer-upon – in attitudes and prejudices, in principle enforcement and the prison classification, and in synod policies and practices. What is the role of Reconciliation, and its pledge of salutiferous? In unconcealed, and in DTES. What specifically could/should be effected (and by whom) to ameliorate the stipulations of the First Nations residents in the DTES? Provide declaration to livelihood your personal opinions. What do you behold as the coming Aboriginal influence in the DTES? Put this entire simultaneously in a 4-5 page essay-report. {Remember to portraiture good-tempered-natured-natured English; be concise; portraiture sub-titles; name the sources of your counsel} While I help you to effort (researching and discussing) in groups, reports must be submitted individually. Due November 15th – so, profusion of spell to do a good-tempered-natured-natured job! This ordinance is merit 15% of your terminal grad


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