TOPIC: Social Construct or biological

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-Does gender influence the way one is perceived in the social eye?

Personally I do believe that gender does make a mark and does influence the way that one is perceived in the social eye. There is a sense of double standard that is shown in the Pantene commercial. Where when a man does something it is deemed so highly and look at in a positive note. Along side that in the clip when a woman is doing the exact same thing it has a negative connotation around it. We can even make these observations in our own society. Women tend to face a double standard or are undermined compared to men. The first example that came to my mind would be sports. Women and Men who have the exact same professional sport careers are treated so differently in so many aspects. Could the reasoning for that be caused by the perception of professional women in sports from the social eye? That is one topic that we could discuss into from the many of topics. Another one could be the differences in how men and women dress and how they are perceived as well. There are many pin points that can tie into this topic.

-Can double standard block one from opportunity

I do think that double standard can block one from opportunity. These assumptions that you make about a person can be so detrimental to ones every day life. Regardless of everything you make judgement throughout your entire day. Starting with when you get out of bed and to decisions like if you should start you assignment or not. We use judgement everywhere. Along side that when double standard is implemented it guides us one way versus another when we are making these judgements. If you have a notion of someone or something as hard working and just due to double standard you deem the other one as unable you are mearly blocking all forms of opportunity for the other option. This is why we shouldn’t have this close minded point of view in life and not implement or take double standard from society when we are making decisions.

Expect you to think about the topics and not just conduct a Google search. You must clearly make a sociological connection and use the course language to do well in this assignment.

By the following Monday after your presentation, each student will use the assignment tool on our CC site to submit a minimum of 2 page sociological analysis of your artifact using an aspect of our class readings. Late assignments will lose points! Make sure to include your class question and answer in your separate write up. No write up, no creditGender Artifact Presentation (17 points) Post by 6pm Monday ( this give the class time to add feedback all week.)

At the beginning of the semester each student will sign up to present a gendered cultural artifact online to the class. This is an opportunity for a presentation where you will post an “artifact” from our culture that connects to “doing gender” in Society and the particular topic we are studying in the week you present. To do well with this assignment it is key to link specifically to the topic for the week. Talking about the readings first, and how you connect your artifact to the week’s work is very important! Of course making sociological connections!

The artifact could be a segment from a TV show, a radio piece from NPR, a music video, a commercial, a meme, a program flier from an event you just attended, a poem, a song, some type of current event- i.e. from the presidential campaign trail, etc. Be creative. Your presentation can be as casual or formal as you would like.

–Before posting to class on your presentation day, post a link to your artifact (or a scanned document or a brief description) on our CC site under the discussion forum “Gender Artifact Archive.” You will include two discussion question that you want us to think about in relation to the artifact and course material. You must be able to answer the questions for the class.



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