Socio-emotional Development Theories

Using information from developmental psychology theories and research
evidence, discuss and evaluate theories of socio-emotional development.

You will find it useful to use ‘theories of socio-emotional development’ as a search term
when locating information on the databases.
a. Introduction
• Introduce the nature of socio-emotional development and related theories and
• Provide an overview of what you intend to do in this essay and the structure.
• Set up an argument or hypothesis.
b. Main body of essay
• Provide a discussion of socio-emotional development using developmental
psychology theories and research material. Structure this section using
paragraphs, each with a main idea and no more than a third of a page long.
• Address the essay question throughout and further your argument.
c. Conclusion
• Pull your argument together with a firm conclusion.
• Your conclusion should address intentions referred to in the introduction.

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Socio-emotional Development Theories
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