Social Welfare Policy

· The purpose of this assignment is to provide students opportunities to research a U.S. social welfare policy and its impact on target populations.  Students will provide a historical overview of the policy, a discussion the of target population, eligibility criteria, and other factors (see details below). The paper topic is Welfare Reform (TANF)

 The paper has 4 parts and include the following:

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Social Welfare Policy
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Basic Format:

1. A brief historical overview and discussion of the policy. This includes the development of social welfare policy, an explanation of how social policy impacts society, its intent/purpose, and values that underpin the policy.

2. A description/discussion of the target population including who benefits, who does not benefit, and other eligibility criteria.

3. A discussion of a global social welfare policy that addresses a similar social welfare topic.

4. Triggers for change, conflict, and social movements that support the need for the social policy.


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