Social Media


The interviewer asks Dr. X what his favorite social media  accounts/persons/brands are to follow and why. Below, list your five  favorite brand accounts or people you follow. Indicate which social  media platform it is, and why you enjoy their page

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Social Media
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Do you agree with Dr. X that social media is not for everyone(or  every brand)? Please answer “Yes”, or “No”, then explain your answer,  along with an example of an agency or company where social media is  essential; OR one where social media might be unnecessary.


Dr. Yandle mentions that there are “bigger picture things, bigger than  us, that we should focus on” besides “getting clicks and clickbait  headlines”. What do you think he meant by that statement?


In answering the question, What do you wish you had known starting out?, Dr.  Yandle responds by saying, “Control social, don’t let social control  you”, and, “We have the power to build people up or tear people down”.  With regard to content and posts you read and respond to, do you feel  social media(makers) have the power, or us? Briefly explain.


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