Social Identity and Role Models

Respond: We’ve been discussing identity, and what makes you, YOU. The reading for this assignment is making a connection between social (or even personal) identity and role models. Specifically, we want to focus on role models who share the SAME social or personal identity as YOUSelect and describe THREE different role models or leaders that you can identify with. Think about a role model who has helped you personally or even a famous one. Again, it should be someone who represents a part of YOUR identity (think back to your identity wheel and previous assignments).

  1. My identity wheel (What determine/create my identity) includes:
  • Personality type: Defender (ISFJ)
  • Education: Nursing program
  • Work experience: butcher, baker, barista, nurse.
  • Habits interests: Earning money, car modification, fishing.
  • Marital status: Married

How do they represent that part (or multiple parts) of your identity as a role model or leader? Why are they important to you?

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Social Identity and Role Models
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Grading Guidelines:


  • Format: MLA and numbered
  • Responds correctly: provides 3 role models that match one of their identity markers and gives sufficient detail (150 words – who/describe, how, and why)
  • Responses are accurate and detailed, go beyond vague or broad statements, and evidence critical thinking. Evidence from the text may be included but is not required.


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