Social Entertainment

  1. How could the brand you’re focusing on in this class use Social Entertainment, provide an example.
  2. What are some ways a brand can integrate into social gaming?
  3. Give one example of integrations from our materials, like product placement, Avergames etc.
  4. For the company you chose to focus on, what type of social media commerce will you engage in?  How will you help your customers find your product/service, and move through the decision-making process?
  5. Imagine you are launching a new product/service this summer, how will you drive awareness, and how will you work toward securing good customer ratings/reviews? Be specific with some ideas.
  6. What are some psychological factors that may influence your target customer?  Refer specifically to some of the following:

The sources of influence include social proof, authority, affinity, scarcity, consistency and reciprocity.

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