Social capital and social networks

Reading Response & Reflections
In this assignment you are asked to briefly summarize the reading, identify the main points, and
offer your key takeaways and provide additional commentary about its deeper meanings based
on your understanding of the phenomenon and your analysis of the article. In other words, you
must summarize the article and reflect on aspects of the article that seems to make sense (or does
not) to you.
Your essay will be evaluated based on the organization of your writing, summary of the
Article, and your critical thinking/analysis.
You should use 12pt Times New Roman Font. The essay should be between 1 – 3 pages. You
should not write less than one full page. It is OK if you slightly exceed 3 pages.
All essays are due at 6pm. See your names assigned to weeks you are supposed to write a
reflection essay below.
Note: This is an academic assignment, so you are expected to submit writing that is free of
grammatical errors, has proper citations and follows good writing guidelines (i.e. thesis
statement, introduction, body, conclusion, etc.).

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Social capital and social networks
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