Smoking in Adolescents Prevention

Your Role: moderator of a community focus group that will explore knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors

Group: 150 adolescents

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Smoking in Adolescents Prevention
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Activities: interviews

1. Define your group and setting for the activity (One paragraph)

2 Questions (One paragraph)

a. Create an opening question to explore perceptions of the health risks associated with your topic of interest.

b. Create a question that should explore what are the influences related to your topic.

c. Create a third question that will help you in understanding the perception (in-group members) of roles towards improving the health problem.

3. Discuss concerning habits, behaviors and practices that should be addressed to improve the indicators related to it (One paragraph)

a. Dietary choices

b. Exercising

c. Comorbidities

d. Contributing stakeholders

e.Their roles to meet your goals.


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