Slave State

1. To balance votes in the Senate, which state was admitted to the Union as a free state at the same time that Missouri was admitted as a slave state?


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Slave State
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New York


2. Which is the good description of the workers who would be employed at one of the textile mills in Lowell, Massachusetts, in the early 19th century?

Indentured servants from Great Britain working to win their freedom

Young men who found freedom in the rowdy lifestyle of mill work

Young farm women whose behavior was closely monitored

Artisans who shared their knowledge in exchange for part ownership in the company


3. As part of the presidential election of 1824, the “corrupt bargain” led to all of the following outcomes except:

Henry Clay offering his support to John Quincy Adams in exchange for serving as his Secretary of State

Andrew Jackson losing the 1824 election despite winning the popular votes

Andrew Jackson allowed to use the “corrupt bargain” as a political frame for his 1828 campaign, calling it the work of the political elites

The addition of the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution


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