Skin Condition

We will begin working on SOAP notes this week, you must make up information to complete SOAP note.

This week we will review skin conditions, choose one skin condition graphic, identify your number in chief complaint. Document your assignment in SOAP format. Refer to Chapter 2 of Sullivan Text and the Comprehensive SOAP template in Learning Resources guide. Use this template to document assignment.

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Skin Condition
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Your skin condition is located under Required Reading, it is in Word Document.

Use clinical terminologies to explain physical characteristics featured in graphic, formulate 3-5 possible skin conditions for the graphic you chose. You must make up information to complete SOAP note.


Use at least 3 different references, one reference from current evidence-based literature from your search and 2 different references from this week’s Learning Resources.


Review Grading Rubric prior to submission of Assignment, it ensures you have addressed each section.


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