Skill Portfolio Activities

Students can select and work on a range of skills that will be needed for their working life.  The following Skill Activities form part of the available portfolio – for assessment purposes students need submit only THREE Activities but are encouraged to do as many as possible to broaden their skills and widen their networks.  Currently we have five Skill Activities on offer:

  1. The construction site visit activity & report
  2. The external exhibition visit & report
  3. The AutoCAD On-line training & drawing activity (Linkedin Learning)
  4. The Excel calculation spreadsheet.
  5. The Mentee report (working with L6 final year students as a Mentor)
  6. .

Note that:

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Skill Portfolio Activities
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  • For students on BEng (hons)/MEng courses the AutoCAD activity is COMPULSORY.
  • For students on all BSc (hons) courses the EXCEL activity is COMPULSORY
  • All Activities are equally weighted.

Student need to plan and manage their time to meet all the required deadline whereby feedback can be provided.  This process of managing your work is a key part of Mental Wealth and needs to be documented in your Reflective Logs and will also be assessed as part of your Self-Reflective Diary.  Students who demonstrate their ability to participate in other activities will receive credit through their Reflective Log and Final Reflective Report parts of the portfolio.


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