Skeletal System

In this forum, choose one of the disorder of the skeletal system (Chapter 3)

Your post must include the following information

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Skeletal System
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  • cause(s) of the disorder
  • how it affects the skeletal system and the body overall
  • treatment(s) and/or cure


Jackie Sprat is 58 y/o female who is Vietnamese speaking only and presents to the ED with a 4-day history of productive cough, orthopnea, low-grade fever, and generalized malaise.  WBC 19.6K, Hgb 7.6, HCT 23, PLT 222k.

  1. Discuss diagnostic tests that should be performed for the workup keeping in mind cost-effective care.
  2. Provide three differential diagnosis.
  3. Describe the management of the patient.

provide at least 3-5 references. This will be put on a power point slide.


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