Site Appraisal and basement & Foundation Proposal Report

Assessment task details and instructions


You are acting for a private developer who is considering the purchase of a Preston City centre brownfield site. The developer – your client – has asked that you prepare a report advising on a basement and foundation design for a five-storey steel framed student accommodation building. The information you give will appraise the developer of your recommendation for a suitable foundation and basement construction method that responds to both the building’s use and form of construction as well as the specific site conditions as noted below. 

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Site Appraisal and basement & Foundation Proposal Report
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Broadly the report is to be split into the following three main parts: –

  1. Introduction – clarifying the address and location of the site and the purpose of your report.
  2. Initial Site Appraisal – clarifying the results of your desktop studies together with the information supplied by the client in this brief & how these results might impact on the choice of basement and foundation design for part 3 below.
  3. Basement & Foundation Design – Recommending a suitable basement & foundation design for the client’s proposed five storey, steel-framed student accommodation building. The basement will be a single level below ground level and there will be five further storeys above ground level.


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