Single Subject Design (SSD) Proposal Assignment

Single Subject Design (SSD) Proposal Assignment


For this assignment, you must carry out an intervention aimed at addressing some component of your own self-care. The intervention must consist of something you are not currently doing and last at least 4 weeks. For this assignment, you must conduct at least two baseline measurements prior to beginning the intervention, one measurement each week you are conducting the intervention, and a final measurement at least three days after the intervention ends. Examples of self-care interventions include weight loss programs, meditating, stopping a destructive activity (smoking, compulsive shopping, snacking, alcohol/drug use, biting your nails, cursing, etc.) and increasing productive activities (sleep, exercise, time with family, alone time, time with pets, attendance at 12-step meetings, etc.).

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Single Subject Design (SSD) Proposal Assignment
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The assignment consists of two parts: 1) the 3 – 5 page proposal (which the instructor must approve prior to beginning your SSD) and 2) the 5 – 7 page final report. Each must be written using APA style, appropriate grammar, and punctuation. Since you are now seniors in the BSW program, the standards are higher and you are expected to write in a manner that reflects your status as a senior in the BSW program. You MUST use at least Level 1 APA style headings to delineate the different sections of your paper. Failure to do so will result in 10 points being taken off the grade for each of the papers.



Rubric for Single Subject Design (SSD) Proposal Assignment


Section Weight (%) Earned
Sample: describe the sample (YOU are the sample and must minimally present info about your age, gender, race, and any other aspects that may be relevant to this study). 5  
Problem: describe the problem you want to address in as much detail as you can. What is THE problem? What are two consequences of the problem, that is, how does the problem affect some aspect(s) of your life? 20  
Intervention: When will you do it (be specific with the dates) and what will it consist of? You must be very specific in describing your intervention and it must be realistic for you to accomplish. For example, if you are going to attempt to lose 5 pounds this semester and your intervention will be to do a net calorie intake of 1500 calories/day, you might say that you will track your caloric intake and output with the My Fitness Pal app and document all food/drink you consume and all exercise you engage in. 20  
Evidence to support intervention: What evidence is there in the literature to support the effectiveness of this intervention in addressing this problem? You must cite at least two peer reviewed articles that provide support for your intervention in the addressing the problem of interest. 20  
Measurement: this section consists of 2 parts: 1) identifying the measurement instrument and 2) administering the instrument to yourself. 20  
Instrument identification: How will you measure your progress? That is, what instrument will you use to measure the effectiveness of your intervention? What is the range of scores for the instrument you are using? What are the psychometric properties of your instrument?    
Measurement points: When will you measure your progress? Be as specific as possible and keep in mind that you must have at least 7 data points as noted above.    
Summary statement of intervention written as measureable objective: The final statement in your paper must consist of an overall objective about what you plan to accomplish with this single subject design. The statement must be written using the following language: Who will do what by what date by doing what as measured by what.  Example: I will lose 10 pounds by December 1, 2018, by tracking my daily net caloric intake using the My Fitness Pal app as measured by the weight on my scale at home.   5  
Grammar & Writing style: Colloquial expressions     Awkward

Multiple voices     Agreement     Confusing statements     Tense issues     Grammar     Punctuation     Long Paragraphs     Who/That     Run-on sentences     Other issue(s):


APA style: Title Page       Running head      Page numbers   Headings     Reference page     Citations     Margins     Justification     Font     Quotes     Footer     Numbers     Abbreviations Other issue(s):  

No intro (-5) or conclusion (-5).    
Late deductions    
TOTAL 100  




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