Simple Pendulum

PHYS 1401 Lab-06: Simple Pendulum

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Simple Pendulum
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· Investigate the factors affecting time period of a simple pendulum.

· Investigate the motion of a simple pendulum to determine the acceleration due to gravity.

· To understand the relationships of the energetics, forces, acceleration, and velocity of an oscillating pendulum.


Simple Pendulum

A simple pendulum is defined, ideally, as a particle suspended by a weightless string. Practically, it consists of a small body, usually a sphere, suspended by a string whose mass is negligible in comparison with that of the sphere, and whose length is very much greater than the radius of the sphere. Under these conditions, the mass of the system may be considered as concentrated at a point, namely the center of the sphere and the problem may be handled by considering the motion of the suspended body, commonly called the “bob”, along a circular arc.

We will use the PhET simulation Pendulum Lab. This simulation mimics a real pendulum and allows you to adjust the initial position, the mass, and the length of the pendulum.

1. Open PhET Simulation

You can drag the pendulum to an arbitrary initial angle and release it from rest. You can adjust the length and the mass of the pendulum using the slider bars at the top of the panel. Velocity and acceleration vectors can be selected to be shown, as well as the forms of energy.

Feel free to play around with the simulation. When you are done, click the Reset button.




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