Should spousal privilege be extended to domestic partners?

You will be graded on both the quality and content of your submitted written work. These questions are designed to help familiarize yourself with the material as well as prepare you for the examinations associated with the material. Your grade will be equally divided with points earned for: (1) focusing on the chapter’s content by expressing answers in a concise, objective, and logical manner, (2) displaying inquiry skills, (3) presentation skills including proper use of grammar. Refer to the following rubric for expectations of these points

Chap 11

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Should spousal privilege be extended to domestic partners?
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1. Should spousal privilege be extended to domestic partners? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

2. Discuss the extent of presidential privileges. Are the limitations to few? Is the privilege necessary?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of media source privilege?

Chap 12

What requirements for the introduction of scientific evidence were established in Daubert? How do they differ from previous Frye ruling?

2) Should judges be able to exclude relevant evidence that may incite bias? Why or why not? Give examples of unfair prejudice.

3) Should any type of document be considered private and, therefore, inadmissible in court? Consider bank statements, medical records, and such. What are the benefits and setbacks to each position?

Chap 13

1)What are some of the traditional problems associated with the prosecution of computer crime? What suggestions can you think of that might diminish them?

2)What is the current state of privacy regarding electronic mail? How would you compare it to the level of privacy traditionally associated with postal mail?

5) what does vicinage mean? How do we determine vicinage in computer crime?


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