Should Polygamy Be Legalized?

After reading the follow chapters, please answer these questions:

#1: Identify up to 2 things you knew and 2 things new to you from the chapters.

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Should Polygamy Be Legalized?
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Making a point of distinguishing what you already know from what you don’t will help you identify new skills to add to your repertoire.



#2–In Defense of Polygamy

To practice your critical thinking skills, construct the strongest position you can in defense of polygamy. (Polygamy is the practice of a man having more than one wife. It is sometimes associated with the Mormon religion, but not always.) As you may be aware, polygamy is illegal throughout the United States. Given the argument you construct, do you believe it should be legalized? In other words, I’m asking you to do two different things here. The first is to go through the purely cognitive exercise of constructing a logical argument in defense of polygamy. Second, I’m asking you what you really believe. That is, do you “buy” the argument you construct?


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