Shift Assignment



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Shift Assignment
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Students repeatedly express concerns over not having a sufficient number of people to place on shifts.  WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!  Therefore, I am providing a few helpful hints for you.


Consider which days and which shifts would be the busiest as far as criminal activity.  People think that the day shift is the busiest, and it is.  BUT, as we say in the police world, it is the “gopher” shift…go ‘fer this and go ‘fer that!  That would entail running numerous errands for administration, transporting inmates to the hospital and court, etc.


Police are busier with “real police work,” as is often said, on the evening and night shifts.  Weekends can be quite busy.  Often the calls for service continue until 2-3:00a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.  You might consider having a couple of officers come in around 6:00p.m. and work until 2:00a.m. to cover that busy period.


It would be great for you to complete this on an EXCEL spread sheet.  However, you may type it.  DO NOT TYPE OFFICER A,B,C…USE THEIR NAMES!


The goal of this assignment is NOT perfection, but, putting you the exercise so that you will have a bit of hands-on experience.  As an administrator, you may well be responsible for shift schedules.


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