Servant Leadership Prompt

· Servant Leadership Prompt:

· Dr. Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist who has extensively researched body language and how it can be used to change others’ perceptions (as well as our own understanding) of ourselves. Watch Dr. Cuddy discuss “power posing” in her Ted Talk – (Links to an external site.)

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Servant Leadership Prompt
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·  (Links to an external site.) Citing specific information learned about this semester and your own experiences, do you see value in power-posing? Provide a detailed example of a time you used or witnessed someone else benefitting from power-posing. How does power-posing relate to servant leadership?



Answer the following: ( DETAILED ANSWER)

The orthopedics department at your local hospital is thinking about merging with the sports medicine department, which has in the past shared physicians, physician assistants, and nursing and support staff, but they have always had their own departmental structures and leadership. The merger is being considered because the staffs currently share exam rooms, operating theatres, and many administrative and diagnostic equipment and procedures. The hospital administration thinks the merger will help save administrative costs without detriment to patient care. Staff members are nervous about this merger and wonder if it will cause changes in shifts, long-standing surgical work groups, and even loss of jobs. You are the leader of the sports medicine department. You have used adaptive leadership in past challenges and are going to try it now. Apply the adaptive leadership model to this situation and describe some of the major steps you will take to deal with this potential merger.




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