Sensitivity of Computer Crimes Policy

For this assignment, you were just hired as the Lead Security Manager (LSM) for this organization’s digital forensics department. Your department works closely with the federal government. The team you supervised consist of 30 people with diverse cultures and technical background. This team specializes in collecting digital evidence from crime scenes, extractions, and provide reports to be viewed by the United States Intelligence Community (IC). The IC is also the biggest client for your company. Without this account, your company will have a difficult time operating. Nevertheless, the IC has changed its requirements as it relates to clearance needed to handle evidence, and your company is out of compliance. Each member on your team, including yourself, must obtain at least a public trust clearance from the federal government. You also realize that these objectives need to be completed within 30 business days. Two of these objectives are:


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Sensitivity of Computer Crimes Policy
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1. Not all of the people on the team has the required clearance

2. Team member are using unreliable digital forensic tools to do their work

Assignment Requirements

· Create a brief memo for your department introducing yourself, plans for the department, and your expectations team. Ideas from the required reading and presentations for the assignment module as well as Biblical integration must all be integrated into the memo (Single Page)

· Create a policy regarding the sensitivity of computer crimes the using the correct tools to collect and extract evidence (At least 2 pages, double space)

· Write a report to your boss about the analysis you have conducted on inappropriate tools you have discovered

· Ensure to use your leadership skills to stress the impacts of using unreliable forensic tools

· How these tools can jeopardize the forensic investigation process

· Loss of funding

· Allow criminals to get away from prosecution


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