Selling Guns: Negligent Marketing?

Case Study Assignment #1

“Selling Guns: Negligent Marketing?”

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Selling Guns: Negligent Marketing?
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Your aim for this assignment is to offer a carefully considered and well-argued response to one of the ethical questions posed by the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of guns.

Please read carefully the case study (labeled “Decision Scenario B” in your text) entitled, “Selling Guns: Negligent Marketing?,” in CIBE, pp. 316-8 (a pdf) Once you have read through the case study, please reflect on the following question (a reformulation of the question on p. 318):

When, if ever, ought gun manufacturers take steps to

reduce access to their products by those who may misuse them?

Your response should be roughly 400 words and should include (a) a thesis statement and (b) a supporting argument.

Instructions for submitting your assignment

· Please type your response in MS Word


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