Seller’s and Buyer’s View

Q1. Describe the following by a scenario, showing seller’s view and buyer’s view:

a. Initial offer/asking price

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Seller’s and Buyer’s View
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b. Target points

c. Resistance points

d. Walk-away points

e. Conditions for making a deal or not making a deal

You need to take a scenario or example different from the one given in the textbook. (40)

Q2. Describe guidelines for making concessions with examples during a negotiation process. (10)


You have been tasked by your upper management team to give a presentation to your peers on heath disparities and inequalities. In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation to evaluate the impact of commonly accepted business principles used to create an equitable health care system.

· definitions and examples,

· ethical differences between an inequality and an inequity,

· populations involved,

· ways to reduce or eliminate health inequalities, and

· business principles and ethical theories involved.


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