Selection Matrix Summary

Topic: Selection Matrix Summary

Thread: The selection matrix is a subjective tool that may be used to help differentiate a particular make and model of aircraft. Unlike the Quick Compare, the Selection Matrix takes the subjective input of key travelers and builds a scoring system based on interviews. Key traveler interviews indicate what areas are important and score accordingly. You will need to use the Class Project Excel file for this assignment.

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Selection Matrix Summary
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You have been tasked by the Chief Operations Officer (COO, your professor) to give more detail about how the aircraft you selected would meet the specific needs of the company. Begin by entering the same aircraft you selected for the Quick Compare briefing. Next, the “needs” for this assignment are highlighted by the weight (a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the highest level of importance) entered in the yellow cell for each category. Matrix categories and level of subcategories come directly from conversations from key decision makers within the company. The selection matrix has been preloaded with a weight factor of “1” for each category. Role play a bit here and enter new weight factors for the provided categories. Remember “4” is the highest weight factor. Do not use a weight factor of “0” for this assignment.

Consider total score under each aircraft name. The data variable for the selected aircraft is provided on each category line. The scoring or Factor Value for each category is done by multiplying the Weight Factor by the Item Score. The Total Score is tallied by adding all the Factor Values for each category. A weight percentage is provided next to each Factor Value to indicate the weight percentage that particular category has on the Total Score. Prepare a two-to-five-minute narrated PowerPoint for the COO. The briefing must include the following:

  1.  A short “elevator” pitch that highlights your interest in the output of the selection matrix and how you can begin to see the pros and cons of various makes and models.
  2. Provide how your interviews influenced the selection of each Weight Factor–provide the Weight Factor for each Category.
  3. Highlight the Total Scores for your selected aircraft. Comment on which categories helped influence scoring for each aircraft.
  4. Add to the previous table or create a separate table that highlights your findings.


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