Select a Movie and Watch

Select a Movie and Watch

1) Select a movie: For this assignment, you will need to select one movie.  Even if it is a movie you have seen before, you need to re-watch the movie with a critical eye towards the social construction of reality and illustrations of other sociological/cultural concepts.  If you would like to analyze a movie that is not on the list, please send me a message to clear it with me

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Select a Movie and Watch
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2) Analyze the movie: After watching the movie, you will write a 2-4 page review, consisting of:

a) introductory paragraph noting the relevance of the movie to the course

b) one-page description/summary of the contents of the film; some questions you could address are:

-Major substantive points of the movie?

-Any secondary points made?

c) 1-2 pages in which you use at least 4 sociological/pop cultural concepts and theories covered in this course to analyze the movie (cite class materials and outside sources as you do so)


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