Sectarian/Non Sectarian World Views

Final Paper Instructions

The final paper is a critical analysis of one of the sectarian or non-sectarian worldviews we have studied this semester. Unless otherwise specified, papers are due on the exact day and start time of the final exam for this course. The essays will be graded on introduction, argumentation analysis, textual support, grammar, syntactical soundness, writing content and clarity, and synthesis. Essays are to be five (5) pages in length, double-spaced, Times Roman, 12 font print size with 1-inch margins.  Students are expected to utilize the following critical thinking argumentation framework and textual support for all responses:

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Sectarian/Non Sectarian World Views
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• Page 1 – A description of the sectarian or non-sectarian perspective you selected (historical origin, key figure(s), basic beliefs/faith claims)

• Page 2 – Your critical perspective of this specific sectarian/non- sectarian worldview, with specific regards to claims (descriptive, prescriptive, evidence). Evaluate the argument of the selected worldview in terms of any perceived ambiguity, vagueness or informal fallacies of logic.

• Page 3 – Identify 3-5 positive aspects (life-affirming pathways) of your chosen worldview and how to include this particular worldview into a diverse context.

• Page 4 – Identify 3-5 challenges or drawbacks associated with inclusion of this particular worldview within a diverse context.

• Page 5 – How does your personal belief system fit or not fit into this particular worldview?


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