Scripted Dialogue

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications question and need guidance to help me learn.

Your text mentions three types of confirming messages, three types of disagreeing messages, several types of disconfirming messages, and aspects of defensiveness.

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Scripted Dialogue
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For this discussion in your initial post, you will create a scripted dialogue that represents at least three of the four categories of messages mentioned in the chapter. This can be a conversation you actually had with someone, or something you made up. You can follow an informal dialogue format like below.

For example- A conversation between two co-workers:

Bill: Hi Phil! I’m glad to catch you before you got into the next project. I would like to ask your advice on this new policy since you have worked with the company for so long and can provide valuable insight. (Endorsement)

Phil: Yea, well, no one else around here seems to think my opinion matters. I am just a paper pusher, so I may not be the best per—–. (complaining)

Bill: No that is not the truth. We value your input, but sometimes I am not sure if you are approachable. (interrupting)

Phil: I would probably be more approachable, if I felt valued. (defensiveness)


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