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 What is known about this topic or what is the evidence on this topic (Scoping Search)?

The management of this condition requires a collaborative process between patients, family members, and healthcare providers. The successful management of this condition also requires evidence-based interventions that involve healthy lifestyles. Health education helps in the prevention and success of obesity conditions. Therefore healthcare providers play an important role in providing health education to parents and patients to ensure that children are from obese conditions.

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Scoping Search
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· What is the outcome of interest?

The successful management process of obesity requires the adoption of a self-management obesity education program to help in the prevention and successful management process. Health education to parents helps ensure that there is the promotion of healthy behaviors and a reduction in the risk of comorbidities associated with obesity. The other outcome of interest is maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the reported incidences of childhood obesity in the United States.

· What are the gaps in our understanding or knowing related to this topic?

Despite obesity being a preventable and manageable condition, little effort is put in by the parents or children to promote self-care through adherence to a healthy lifestyle and medication. This indicates a gap in self-management from the patient’s perspective. Effective healthcare education on obesity is required to ensure successful self-management of obesity condition .


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