Scientific Theory

Make sure you already have your “GC Stratigraphy” Handout printed-out and properly labeled as per the directions given in the “Handouts” Folder of the WEEK #1 Module. (The “downloadable” files below incorrectly say from the WEEK #2 Module; but it was actually in the WEEK #1 Module.)

This assignment reviews some of the lecture material from the last week or two, especially focusing on the nature of valid Scientific Theory (including our example of the Geologic Time Scale as applied to the rock-units around Grossmont College; so you’ll probably be using your notes, including the Handout entitled “GC’s Stratigraphy” to complete ASSIGN #3).

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Scientific Theory
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Print-out this assignment (greyscale is fine), write your answers on it by hand, then scan it or photograph it with your SmartPhone. (OR: If you know how to seamlessly upload this into your own software and not do it by hand, then do that, OR: similarly upload it into your touch-screen tablet or iPad, or whatever…But whatever way, make sure to write your name in your own hand, even if you have to do so clumsily with your cursor.) Then, submit directly into the CANVAS Assignment #3 “Discussion Page” by clicking the “reply” arrow…the Rich Screen Editor box appears, and you can either cut-and-paste directly into it, or click the “paper clip” icon at the bottom-left to attach a file.



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