Scientific Method

VI. Organisms are named using _____________ nomenclature, which assigns every organism a two part name. The first part is the __________ and the second the species designation (“specific epithet”). If the scientific name is typed, it is in __________ typeface, and if it is handwritten, it is _____________. Scientific names are based on (Greek, English, German, Latin). (Circle answer, please.)

VII. Put these “steps” in the scientific method in the proper order by placing the number in the blank in front of the term:

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Scientific Method
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_______ form a hypothesis

_______ draw a conclusion based on actual results

_______ make an observation about something in the natural world

_______ perform the experiment; collect data

_______ make a prediction about the expected outcome


VIII. Define the following terms as they are used in investigating the natural world:

1. hypothesis:

2. theory:

3. principle (or law):


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