Scientific management and Taylorism

Videos are available on YouTube

Discussion 1

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Scientific management and Taylorism
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Prompt: Watch the video on scientific management and Taylorism, then review the text material on scientific management. Then, identify some scientific management that we still see in the workplace today. Discuss why we still see the elements that you identify in the workplace, and evaluate whether those elements yield positive results for the organizations that employ them.

Requirements: 250-300 words

Discussion 2

Prompt: Review the text discussion of systems theory and organizational effectiveness. Thinking of an organization with which you are familiar, describe the main features of its inputs, processes, and outcomes (or outputs). How do these features work together to affect the outputs? In other words, if you were to change a process or an input, how would it change the output (if at all)?

Requirements: 250-300 words


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