School Shootings

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School Shootings

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School Shootings
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In this essay, you will present realistic solutions to the problem(s) you presented in Essay 3. The solution must be a NEW solution or a detailed description of how a failed solution will be retailored to a workable solution.  You will do some basic research to see what solutions have been tried before and failed or those solutions that have yielded results less than positive.   Research must be used in Paragraph 4. You will also present an evaluation plan (in the conclusion only), letting the readers know how you expect to determine how well your solution(s) worked.

1.                   Do not use contractions

2.                    Write out numbers

3.                    Do no use slang, casual language, trite language, nor absolutes

4.                   Thesis must be last sentence of 1st paragraph

5.                   Do not refer back -don’t make the reader look back into the essay for information

6.                   No body topics in introduction or thesis

7.                   Essays must be written in academic language and in 3rd person only unless otherwise assigned

8.                   Topic sentences must begin with a transition, must introduce topic of paragraph, and not include details that should be in the paragraph

9.                   Paragraphs can not be less than five (5) sentences in length

10.               Essays must two (2 1/2) pages in length (this does not include a work cited page)

11.               Research should not be used in essays unless required by assignment details

12.                Correct MLA format must be used

13.               Last sentence of body paragraphs should not announce the specific topic of the following paragraph

14.               Conclusion should restate thesis, briefly mention main points, and have final thoughts

15.               Essays must answer the “So What” question – don’t allow a reader to get to the end of your essay and say “So What?” “Why did I read this?”  What was the point?”


All essays must be in 12-point type size with Times New Roman font style. The margins should be 1-inch all the way around. You set these criteria up before you begin typing anything at all. Doing that keeps you from having to change any of this when you finish typing. MLA format


Word Cited I used for essay:

Works Cited

Calfas, Jennifer. “The Santa Fe High School Shooting in Texas Was the 22nd School Shooting This Year.” Time.Com, May 2018, p. 1. EBSCOhost .

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The solutions that I chose was:

1. That at all schools’ bags should be checked and students should be patted down.

2. How kids should get searched every time they enter the building after they go to they other classes outside.

3. Because if every school search bags won’t nobody be able to bring weapons in and the students will feel safe.

4. How is they gone searched the bags every time the students come back in the building.

Comment from the professor in regard to the solution for my essay: Many schools already check bags – make sure your solution will work and be implemented in all schools to show that it will

If you could come up with another solution that would be great and please write the essay like what is listed.


Copy of Essay I did not do well on it:


This a copy of my last essay I did not get a good grade.

School shootings

Shooting has been rampant in schools in different cases; students are found dead in the cases of shootings from schools, and open carry shows reasons why guys are being carried in schools. Some cases occur when the students themselves carry the guns to schools. Schools should be a place for learning and teaching to be free from crime, violence, or death. Even though this is not the case anymore in schools, teachers and students are being attacked (DeMitchell 63).

It is happening again in schools; teachers and learners are being gunned down in their classrooms and hallways with no apparent reason, only by the demons possessed by the killers. Schools are gated, so everybody has in mind that anybody who wants to get into school should pass through the security offices to protect the school from the troubles and conflicts or any surrounding chaos. This is happening not to be accurate, and schools appear not to be safe anymore. Students and teachers fear that the schools do appear to be safe anymore; their waters are troubled and tossed by winds that can not be controlled nor harnessed.

Calfas explains in the case at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, where a gunman opened a fire that created a horrifying scene for the students creating the death of not less than eight. According to CNN, this was not the first case, but this was like the 22nd case shooting. These cases made the legislation create strict gun control on teenage shooting survivors who wanted such cases not to repeat themselves. These cases involved students carrying rifles to schools where they caused shootings in the college residence halls, shooting one student in the shoulder. The same year a unman shot two students, and one died on the spot.

This shooting has made some schools lock down the anniversary of the mass shootings, which students themselves launched. Students have made movements on the issue of gun control. The federal government and several state governments have implemented new rules to address the problem, including an omnibus budget package that strengthens the existing background check system. Despite this, student leaders have faced retaliation and have been threatened by political commentators and rivals and being the focus of conspiracies (DeMitchell 63).

In response to the school shootings, policymakers and educators have taken a variety of actions. After the mass shootings, several initiatives reforms have been adopted, including revisions to regulations. Trump appointed the Federal Commission on Schools Safety to assess safety protocols and provide meaningful and practical suggestions for keeping kids safe. The Commission study recommends that schools explore arming sure carefully trained and qualified students as a deterrent and eliminate Obama Department of Education advice concentrating on punishment inequalities for students of race and disabled kids.

While programs and strategies that have been made to help prevent school violence are determined to be ineffective, some programs are found to effective that can help and have evidence of being practical and helpful. The report on school safety initiative gives out some guidelines that can be used in identifying learners who might need assistance. However, they reported no accurate way of profiling the learners who engage in the school shootings. Threat assessment procedures is also a technique that helps in the prevention of school shooting. The measures on the school security should also be initiated climates of creating of safety climate to students have the potentiality of improving techniques of reducing school shootings. An approach on multi-tiered to school safety includes the provision of all the learners with preventive strategies that help them deal with social, academic, and emotional problems and giving differential strategies to students who have engaged in or can be involved in engaging in destructive behaviors (DeMitchell 63).

Once they get into the school, children should not have been allowed to leave the premises as this allows them to carry illegal things such as riffles. Schools should increase security to help prevent school shootings. The school should search at the entrance of schools using metal detectors to help identify unauthorized material entry. For the students to feel safe and reduce shootings is to increase the security procedures (Carter 63).

In conclusion, school counselors should help learners in improve the school climate, help them reduce violence, help learners go through personal development through programs of counseling that include efficacious school shootings. Schools should improve their search procedures and revise their policies on security. In addition schools should not allow early dismissal of kids from school unless it is the parent picking them.


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