Schizophrenia and Cannabis (Marijuana) Use Disorder

4. John Yang, 42, dually diagnosed with schizophrenia and cannabis (marijuana) use disorder, is brought to the clinic by his mother, Mrs. Yang. Because they are new in town, she does not know what is available in the community. John takes haloperidol (Haldol), but Mrs. Yang says he often refuses it because of muscle rigidity and sexual side effects. They have tried several first-generation antipsychotic drugs without success.

a) As a patient advocate, how might you respond to John’s medication nonadherence with first-generation antipsychotics?

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Schizophrenia and Cannabis (Marijuana) Use Disorder
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b) What obstacles to adherence exist for a dually diagnosed patient? What approach or change in treatment would offer John the best chance of success?

c) Which resources mentioned in this chapter might be appropriate for John?


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