Sales and Operations Planning

1. Define sales and operations planning .

2. Why are S&OP teams typically cross-functional?

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Sales and Operations Planning
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3. Define aggregate planning .

4. Explain what the term aggregate in “aggregate planning” means.

5. List the strategic objectives of aggregate planning. Which one of these is most often addressed by the quantitative techniques of aggregate planning? Which one of these is generally the most important?

6. Define chase strategy .

7. What is level scheduling? What is the basic philosophy under-lying it?

8. Define mixed strategy . Why would a firm use a mixed strategy instead of a simple pure strategy



Need to design a  Cloud-based Home Security System which should satisfy the below conditions

1. Must use AWS IoT core

2. Must support at least 1 or preferably 2 home security devices

3. Must use MQTT or other standard protocols to communicate with the cloud IoT core.

4. Must support multiple homes and require authentication.

5. The User can access the system using a website or app. The user can enter phone number to call or text in case of an intrusion.

6. The user chooses system’s action upon detecting a possible intrusion.

7. Must work with real hardware devices (for example, camera or door sensor).


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