Safety of Staff

This is for an analytical research paper

complete the historical background of the problem.

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Safety of Staff
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The problem statement:

The best method to ensure safety of staff during a pandemic at Lee County Emergency Medical Services Department in order to increase staff safety and reduce work related injuries.

If I can improve the safety of the staff that will improve the quality of care to patients

Describe all aspects of the organization related to the selected problem.  (Lee County EMS Department this is a government agency)This assignment must include the history of the problem, its emergence, and solutions offered in the past. The research for this assignment will most likely be obtained from newspapers, magazines, agency interviews, etc. Does NOT require peer review articles. Remember all resources must be properly cited and referenced in APA format.

Answer in APA format all the below based on Lee County Emergency Medical Services Department located in Fort Myers Florida USA

  • Describe the organization, its number of personnel, its budget, its Jurisdiction, and demographics of the jurisdiction served by this organization
  • Why does the situation you mentioned in your problem statement need improvement?
  • What would happen if no changes were made as you propose in your problem statement?
  • Is solving this problem worth the time, money, and resources that will need to be expended?
  •  What is this problem’s history in this organization?
  • What are the root causes of this problem in this organization?
  • Who are the stakeholders affected by this problem?
  • What interest do these stakeholders have in solving this problem?
  • Has this problem had any attempts at a viable solution in the past? If so, what were the outcomes?
  • How will a solution to this problem be beneficial to the agency and the public it serves?


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