Rule of Law

In the final assignment please choose a rule of law topic from the textbook to research and develop. This assignment stresses the critical use of library and internet resources, demanding analysis and argumentative synthesis, rather than a basic summary. In essence, this assignment is similar to the previous assignment, except that each of you will independently identify from the textbook a topic and research it.
In this assignment, please identify and discuss any conflicting points of view relevant to the topic. In essence, you should examine multiple perspectives related to the selected topic, assess them, and construct a coherent, well-documented response. More specifically, your paper should demonstrate you have practiced and become more proficient with the following key aspects of academic writing:
• Summary — accurately and concisely reporting the ideas of others.
• Analysis — examining and assessing how arguments are constructed.
• Synthesis — combining and reconciling multiple texts and viewpoints.
• Voice — employing rhetorical strategies appropriate to an academic audience.
• Documentation — incorporating and citing sources according to MLA and APA format.
Note: Please consult the course syllabus and the checklist located in resources section of Vspace applicable to this class for information pertaining to the format and content requirements of written assignments.

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Rule of Law
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