Roman Empire

How did Rome, a small settlement in central Italy, expand to conquer and control the entire Mediterranean world of Europe, western Asia, and North Africa? How did the political structure of the Roman empire change as it grew? What were the basic teachings of Jesus, and how did Christianity become the major religion of the empire? What allowed Rome to retain such a large empire for so long, and what caused the loss of the western half of the empire Who was the prophet Muhammad, and what were his main teachings? Between Muhammad’s death in 632 and the founding of the Abbasid caliphate in 750, what were the different ways that the Islamic community chose the new caliph? Which economic, political, and social forces held the many peoples and territories of the Abbasid caliphate together? After the fragmentation of the Abbasid Empire in 945, which cultural practices, technologies, and customs held Islamic believers in different regions together?

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Roman Empire
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