Roman Civil War

Matching. Place the capital letter in the correct corresponding place

77) 1st triumvirate _____ A) citadel on a hill in Greek city-states

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Roman Civil War
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78) 2nd triumvirate _____ B) female statue that serves as a column

79) 1st Roman Civil War _____ C) Greek public square

80) 2nd Roman Civil War _____ D) “general” in Greek, one of 10 leaders in Athens

81) 3rd Roman Civil War _____ E) Jupiter, Juno, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Mercury

82) Greek Gods _____ F) Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus

83) Roman Gods _____ G) first Christian emperor, legalized Christianity

84) pax romana _____ H) emperor during Great Fire of Rome, persecuted

Christians, killed his own mother and his wife

85) veristic _____ I) the sickest, most twisted emperor, made his horse

Consul, had incest with his sister

86) agora _____ J) Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Aphrodite, Hermes

87) acropolis _____ K) first great Western philosopher

88) faience _____ L) “Roman Peace” lasted 200 years from Augustus –


89) caryatid _____ M) Octavian Ceasar, Marc Antony, Lepidus

90) contrapposto _____ N) Sulla v Marius, Sulla wins

91) strategos _____ O) Octavian v Marc Antony , Octavian wins

92) fresco _____ P) Caesar v Pompey, Caesar wins

93) Caesar _____ Q) painting on wet plaster upon a wall

94) Nero _____ R) considered greatest military leader in ancient world, defeated the Persians, nicknamed ‘the Great’

95) Augustus _____ S) glazed earthenware (pottery)

96) Alexander _____ T) true to natural appearance

97) Pericles _____ U) a stance used by the Greeks to show shifted weight,

comes from the Italian word

98) Socrates _____ V) first Roman emperor, changed his name from Octavian, began the pax romana

99) Caligula _____ W) chosen dictator for life, he was assassinated on March

15, 44 BCE, member of 1st triumvirate, defeated Gauls

100) Constantine _____ X) Strategos of Athens during the Golden Age, died of plague


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