Retail Merchandising

Retail Merchandising

This project will be a 10-page report (minimum 350 words per page) worth up to 50 points. Students will create their own retailer, and then select an existing shopping center to put it in. Present the report as a PDF document or PowerPoint presentation. The paper should be written as one comprehensive report. Below is the outline.

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Retail Merchandising
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Create and describe your original retail establishment
Name the existing shopping center in which it will be located
Where is this center located?
Describe the center’s retail format
iii. Why is this center appropriate for your retail establishment?


Describe your Strategic Retail Planning Process
Define the business mission
Conduct a SWOT analysis
Identify and evaluate strategic opportunities
Identify and evaluate strategic opportunities
Evaluate strategic opportunities
Establish specific objectives and allocate resources
Develop a retail mix to implement strategy
Evaluate performance and make adjustments
Present your Customer Relationship Management program
Who is your target customer and how will you build loyalty?
What CRM programs will you use?
Describe your retail pricing process
Present your product(s) with pricing strategy (Do NOT provide long lists of prices!)
Explain your Retain Communication Mix
What media elements will you use (including social media)?


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